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Nancy Seaman – Farmington Hills

The murder of Bob Seaman in 2005 made headlines across the country and shook the city of Farmington Hills to it’s core. As so often is the case, murmurs of ‘That stuff just doesn’t happen here’ spread across the city.

2004 and early 2005 were tough for Nancy and Bob Seaman. Their marriage was on the rocks and according to Nancy, she planned to move out of their home and into a condo soon.  On the morning of May 10th the couple argued over her moving out and depending on whether you believe Nancy or the evidence gathered in the case, what happened next was one of two things.

Nancy Seaman courtesy of mlive
Nancy in court – Photo courtesy of MLive.com

Nancy’s Story – During the argument, Bob (who had a history of dishing out mental and physical abuse according to her) was holding a kitchen knife, became enraged, and started chasing her into their garage.

Prosecutor’s Story – Nancy ambushed her husband in their kitchen with an axe, then dragged his body into the garage where she stabbed him with a knife and beat him with a sledgehammer.

Whichever side you choose to believe,  that Wednesday, when police went to question the elementary school teacher, they found Bob’s body wrapped in a tarp with duct tape in the back of her Ford Explorer. Police also found the knife that was used to stab Bob to death inside the tarp.

Nancy Seaman - Husband in trunk

Evidence would help the prosecution’s case as video surveillance from the day before the murder showed Nancy purchasing the axe at Home Depot. The following day, Nancy returned to Home Depot, where she purchased duct tape, the tarp, bleach, and other cleaning products.

Spookiest Fact – Unable to find a substitute teacher for her position at Longacre Elementary school, she actually went in to work the day of the murder.

Nancy was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison without parole. She has since exhausted all of her appeals attempting to use the defense of ‘battered spouse syndrome’.  She will turn 64 on May 13th and currently resides in the Huron Valley Women’s Complex.

Nancy Seaman Mugshot 2 Nancy Seaman Mugshot Nancy Seaman in Court

Joyce Maynard wrote the book ‘Internal Combustion’ in 2008. It’s a solid read although some close to the incident claim that it’s one-sided.  You can purchase it below: