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Scott Wobbe – Westland

I followed the 2014 story of Theresa DeKeyzer fairly closely just as everyone else did. It became even more interesting when they released the name of her boyfriend at the time, Scott Wobbe.

“I think I went to high school with that guy.”

After logging in to Facebook I confirmed that I went to high school with him. I won’t pretend that we were best friends, I hardly knew him although we did have classes together.

Wobbe Facebook 3

Memories were foggy for most of my Livonia Stevenson high school friends.

Wobble Facebook 2

We were quickly approaching the date of our 20 year reunion.

Wobbe Facebook 1

Wobbe was a person of interest from the get-go as he was the last person to see her alive. On top of that, DeKeyzer had just reported a domestic assault on June 15th, by the time police arrived Wobbe had fled.

Throughout the rest of June detectives from Warren and Westland followed tips and leads, with each coming up negative. They interviewed Wobbe numerous times, one of the interviews on July 2nd resulted in his arrest for violating probation orders in Midland County.

In July the search for Theresa escalated after she was entered into the National Missing Persons Database, a private investigator was hired by the DeKeyzer family and a family friend started a GoFundMe for the missing girl.

Missing Theresa Justice for Theresa

In early September The Detroit News ran a story that ultimately resulted in police receiving two tips that led them to Theresa DeKeyzer. On September 18th units from Warren, Westland, Plymouth as well as the state police arrived at a storage yard in Plymouth township and searched a dark-blue trailer. Through the usage of an X-ray device they were able to see inside the trailer where they found a 55-gallon drum filled with 6 to 8 inches of concrete and possible human remains inside.

Photo Courtesy of WXYZ
Photo Courtesy of WXYZ

By the next day it was confirmed that the body inside was indeed that of Theresa DeKeyzer. Scott Wobbe, already in prison on another charge is considered the main suspect.

Scott Wobbe Booking Mug

On June 30th, 2015 Wobbe was sentenced to life in prison without parole. Going against his attorney’s advice Wobbe did what he hoped would be viewed as honorable in the eyes of the DeKeyzer family and pleaded no-contest. The move spared Theresa’s family as well as his own the promise of sitting through a lengthy, gut wrenching trial full of gruesome facts and evidence.


The Theresa DeKeyzer story is an awful one with a horrible ending that was made even more bizarre by the fact that I probably sat next to Wobbe while I ate lunch in high school.

Scott Wobbe Mug Shot Current

Rest in Peace Theresa –